Muslims - Where do they stand

Well, the peaceful Muslims are all upset over this cartoon. Like a made mention of in my previous post. I heard Matt Lauer actually ask a good question when interviewing the Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson. Matt actually asked "If the Muslims protest so violently over this cartoon why don't they do the same when innocents are beheaded and slaughtered by the thousands in the name of Allah" he tried to spin it with some idiotic answer which no one believed. This Liberal numbskull had the audacity to blame the Muslim riots on America, and why, because of Iraq. Liberal now a some simpleminded:

Situation - Cause
Muslims riots because of cartoon depicting Muhammid - Bush regime war on Iraq

Hurricane Katrina - Bush caused this by pulling out of the Kyoto Agree and he doesn't like black people.

Iraq war - Saddam tried to kill his daddy

It just goes on and on. Everything is always Bush's fault to include the weather. Liberals are such a joke right now that most people consider them a comedy troop. Seriously if you want some good laughs try to carry on a serious political discussion with one. I have numerous exchanges here on my blog if you wish to read them:

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Email shoot out with the Office Liberal

The whole point of this blog goes back to the question asked by Matt Lauer. If they get this upset over a cartoon, why not over Muslims killing in the name of Allah. There actions answered this question, killing Christians and non-Muslims okay with them. If they accidentally kill a Muslim they get upset but you can kill as many Christians or non-Muslims as you like. Just remember that, you should judge people by there actions and not there words, these actions are very telling.

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