Muhammid's debut in the Funny Papers

Well there you have it simply print one picture of Muhammid in a cartoon and the peaceful Muslims are going to kill anyone from Europe. These guys couldn't ever make it as Christians.

When you are a Christian you have to tolerate simple minded idiots putting the the crucifix in urine and calling it art. All the liberals where up in arms when they found out that a Koran was flushed at Gitmo, but a crucifix in some urine is art. By the way, that story was false, not that mattered any to the liberals. They believe that if you say something enough it becomes true. Also what kind of toilet would be able to flush a book down it, I have to get the plunger if I use to much toilet paper. I would be interested in buying one of those toilets, I don't even care what it costs, I'll take one!!!!

As a Christian you have to tolerate the prophet Jesus being depicted as someone who would excuse sins such as pre - martial sex by saying "Kids will be Kids". You would also have to be very carefull to never mention Muhammid in case you offend somebody even on his birthday.

You will also have to get used to having your religious freedoms violated so that you do violate other peoples religious freedom, who are not religious. You will have to get used to any reference to Muhammid being removed from the public so as not to create a Theocracy.

So, I guess in closing, Lighten up all you Muslims, you are just now getting a taste of what all the other religions have been dealing with for a long time. I know it is your first instinct to cut everyones head off in the name of Alla but you can't anymore.

The one thing that you are doing right is the ban on those countries. Nothing is more powerfull than the buying power that you hold. On the down side most Palestinians are dirt poor and your ban doesn't really scare anyone. You could also threaten to not vacation in those countries but that goes back to my first point that most of you are poor and secondly nobody wants you in thier country, you blow yourselfs up way to much in public. So good Luck with the Boycott, peace out.


Arcticman Speaks! said...

You forgot to add that Christians have to hear and ignore people who use the Lords' name in vain like a broken record. We are bombarded daily with satanic messages in Rock Music. We are discouraged from cellibrating a national holliday and invoking the name of our lord after the word "Merry". We have to have thick skin and control our emotions. Islam is weak because it controlls by threat and violence. Christians rely on faith and compassion.

The Whipping Boy said...

You are right Articman. Christians have to turn the other cheek and Lead by example. The left will give examples of High profile preachers who stray and try to stereotype all Christians. I became a Christian not because of someone reading the scripture to me but by someone being a nice person and living the scripture. Your mouth can read scripture to someone all day but if your heart doesn't follow it is useless. As far as someone taking the Lords name in vain, ask them nicely if they could not do that because it is offensive to you and if that doesn't work, turn the other cheek and pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up all you Muslims [...] I know it is your first instinct to cut everyones head off in the name of Alla but you can't anymore.

I think you've completely missed the point.

Also, if you are going to express such blatantly racist opinions based seemingly on stereotype and stereotype alone, you could at least learn to spell Mohammed and Allah correctly. Would you accept the validity of an argument making reference to Jeezus or Mowzis?

The Whipping Boy said...

Get bent you idiot. What difference does it make how I spell it you know who I was talking about. That is what is sad about liberals they can't argue facts so they use misdirection. This idiots expect you to belief that because I don't know how to spell Mohammid or Allah my point is any less valid. How about this I will refer to the pedophile terrorist cult leader as "Mo" from now on.