Chocolate town sho do like vanilla bucks

It has been awhile since I have posted, that is mainly due to the fact that the NSA story is dominating the news. By the way, I like that Dubya is sticking to his guns and taking on his critics head on. That is exactly what he needed to do and the polls show it. I thought that he did very well in his speech today and was quite funny. That joke about him getting blamed for the reporter not having a chair was priceless. Also the joke he made about having a photograph with the reporter that asked him about releasing photographs of Him and Abramhoff. These are just absurd comments, this would be like saying that since Clinton had photographs taken with Yasser Arafat that Clinton condoned homicide bombers.

But anyways lets go off to a magical land called Chocolate town, Where "White" milk and "Black" chocolate combine to make a delicious Drink. Are liberals this stupid??? Oh wait, in some of my previous articles we have proven that they are. My real point here is that we have been dumping money into that place for some time now and all they do is complain. Here's a little wake up call for Chocolate town. YOUR CITY IS SURROUNDED BY WATER ON 3 SIDES AND YOUR ELEVATION IS BELOW SEA LEVEL!!!! HELLOOOO HELLOOOOO!!! Why does this have to be a Liberal verse Conservative issue? Couldn't this be a stupid verse not stupid issue, whoops this may be the same thing by a different name.

Everyone is complaining about parts of America not wanting to rebuild New Orleans and I would be in that crowd. They all complain about the Bush Administration cutting funding to the levy's. A couple of quick facts here, the levy's were only built to withstand a 3 level hurricane and even if fully funded the wouldn't be finished until 2015. So nice try in blaming this on Dubya but the informed won't buy this crap. Sadly though the informed is less than 3% of the Democratic party.

Oh well, my wife just called me with a Honeydew and I'm off. Faster than Mayor Nagin to a News camera to talk about Chocolate, Higher than a Carter Administration Interest rate , Stronger than Clinton's Libido, its Super Hubby.


edsmith72923427 said...

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Arcticman Speaks! said...

It should have been turned into a huge memeorial water park. But that's just my opinion. I'd probobly feel different if I was into Hookers, Drinking, Drugs, Jazz, and Ew...Yah! Marti Gras Time!

Anonymous said...

"The informed" clearly doesn't know how to use an apostrophe.


The Whipping Boy said...

Trying arguing some of the facts pinhead.