In a pit of vipers

I recently went out to a liberal blog and tried to discuss just facts with some of the members and would like to relate my experience. If you read my last blog (Found another juicey liberal to fight with ) I simply asked a couple questions and provide some facts about how they came to their opinion. I was insulted and eventually had all my posts censored and then banned. When I say censored I mean that even though my posts contained no profanity or offensive content they weren't posted. My ideas or lack of the ability to accept whatever they say as fact was profane and they silenced me.

How appropriate on almost every post there was some sort of Nazi euphemism used on me . I was told to go shine my Jack Boots, accused of being a woman hater because of my pro-life beliefs and all I wanted was to discuss the facts. Well who are the Nazi's now?? It seems that they only care about free speech when you say what they want. It's a subtle form of tyranny, you can have your own ideas as long as I agree with them. If you argue or question us you will be censored, silenced and banned. I would like the readers here to be the judge, go to an tell me what you think of those "debates". I found that very few of them every based anything on fact and they never did any real research to back up their positions. Also out of about 50 posts I think that I wasn't insulted once.

I honestly believe that you could debate facts like this on even the most right wing blog and not be insulted and banned. That will be my next venture into the blogsphere to give a fair and balanced opinion. I may try more Left wing and Right wing sites to make this a bit more statistically significant. Go out to the mediagirl website and tell me if this was an accurate post, who knows I could be bias.

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