Liberals Sink to a new low

What is it about dead bodies that inspires Liberals into a political speech, I thought that they were is favor of the "separation of church and State". Here's a wrap up of the Wellstone funeral

Wellstones Son: "WE WILL WIN WE WILL WIN oh yeah good bye Dad I love you WE WILL WIN"

How disgraceful to turn a funeral in honor of Corretta Scott King and turn it into to a DNC pep rally. This is about the only way that they can win a argument is to do it when the other side can't respond.

As far as I am concerned Liberal are disgraceful and the scum of the earth. Also Jimmy Carter ,that idiot, brought up how MLK was spied on with warrantless wire taps but he forget to mention that it was his party that did it. Selective Memory, an essential tool to being a liberal.

I haven't done it in a while but I think I am going to pick a fight with the office Liberal on this one, I will keep you posted.

The DNC will whack Howard Dean to shut him up and have another smashing funeral/pep rally for the DNC.

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