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I sent the Office Liberal (OL) links to the quotes that I had sent him earlier because he said that the quotes were taken out of context. Here is his response to the links that go directly to where the quote was taken from. This was done to clear up any possible "taking quotes out of context" problems.

Here is his response:


lol - Whipping Boy, I know you're just being cool by responding with the links, but don't take my teasing too seriously. Please understand I'm trained in the art of argument. Comes from hanging out in a classroom for far too long. Sometimes I argue just because I know how to (which really torques off my wife to no end).

I'm also kind of a jackass on occasion (just in case you missed that, haha). I'm pretty good at figuring out a person's hot button issues. Unfortunately, I lack the will power to resist pushing those buttons. In this case, I've behaved entirely as a member of the loyal opposition, firing off incendiary liberal view points specifically to raise your ire. However, you've handled the teasing very well. :-)

I do really think Bush is antithetical to my existence, so much so that my negative opinion of him and the Republican party will probably never change until the day die, or at least until I become rich enough to show up on the Tom Delay PAC donor list. Now, I totally respect your right to support Bush, which you do with a patient determination. Congrats on that. But short of showing me the Holy Grail with Dubya's name engraved on it, I'm afraid I'm rigidly anti-Republican. I'm comfortable with that position, in fact.

Office Liberal

(Oh, do you really read those speeches all the way through? While I don't have a problem with Hilary Clinton, I have no desire to read one of her speeches. Just the same canned Democratic blah blah blah I've been hearing since the Reagan days. At least the Republican party can reinvent itself when politically necessary and/or convenient. For a party that advocates change, the Dems are more of a prisoner to their past than the Repubs are. Love the irony.)

Well there you have, when confronted with the facts, the Office Liberal reveals that he was only toying with me, how conveinant. He apparently also has a black belt in being argumentative.

What an arrogant SOB, these are the kinds of people that you are dealing with. He admits that he will never like republicans and doesn't care what the truth is, I like to call this guy a Kool-aid drinker. They don't care what the facts are they just go off the talking points. My sister is a leftist Kool-aid drinker and my Mother was a conservative kool-aid drinker, it is a bi partisan affliction. He also makes a comment about never reading the entire speech. You would think that with all that time he spends in the classroom that he would be a big enough reader to read a simple little press release or a short speech. Maybe he is trying to get his GED.

As an Informed citizen you must pay attention, you must read and watch not just Fox News but all sides and try to discern the truth. I am afraid that we are in a time when everything is political. An insane person was shot by a law enforcement official when he reached inside his coat after running up and down the aisles of an airplane yelling "I have a bomb". Anyone with common sense knows that this was a dangerous situation and the officer shot the man for the safety of all the other passengers. I know he was bi-polar, but bi-polar doesn't make you stupid and who's to say a bi-polar person wouldn't blow up an airplane. If you ask me they are more likely to do something like that, that's why they medicate them. HELLOOOOO!! Soon after every democrat was calling for an investigation. I know, you liberals will say what about McCain and Hagel, this guys are liberals in conservative clothing.

Heres another expample, Charles Rangel (D NY) introduced, with 14 of his fellow Democrats, a bill HR 163 around the election to start a draft for the Iraq war. When it comes time to vote on it he votes against his own bill and the only two representatives out of 435 that vote for it were democrats. All the democrats go on shows that won't ask them tough questions and say this is a republican conspiracy. A poll is taken and 80% people 18 - 25 believe that the republicans are starting a draft. I would imagine that the other 20% in that demographic probably didn't have MTV on and knew nothing of the bill.

You have to pay attention. Don't believe anything that I say here go check it out.

here are some links that I find helpfull:

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