Here we go again

Now the President is spying on all Americans, what will the Evil Republicans do next.
Here's a couple quick facts for the kool-aid drinking liberals out there.

None of the wire taps were on American Citizens.

The President has had this power to conduct warrantless surviellance since 1968. It was granted to him in Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets act. As long as the surviellance deals with National Security and not domestic crimes. This was instituted during the LBJ ( D ) presidency. This has been used by most Presidents since. As a matter of fact Clinton ( D ) used this in quite creative ways to win contracts for his buddies for foreigns businesses. He even created an execute order 12949 that reinforces the Omnibus act of 1968 for the warrantless surviellance. Of course when he signed this the press didn't seem to have any problem with it, Nor did Sen. Byrd or any of the other loud mouths on the Hill.

If Pres. Bush is using this the spy on regular citizens I would have a problem with this, it would still be perfectly legal but I would have a problem with it. These wire taps are on phones that have recieved calls from known or highly suspicious origins and in these troubled times you can't be to carefull.

This will all blow over, it is the scandal du jour for the flailing Democratic party. Of course despite any evidence presented all the kool-aid drinking liberal will consider Bush guilty.

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