Tookie and Madonna

You must be asking yourself "What could they possibly have in common" well they both write childrens books silly. I know a convicted murderer and an elderly woman that seems to hump more things than a horny bulldog seem like an odd couple but there you have. They are the mentors for the next generation.

I as a rule don't believe that the death penalty is right, but I won't lose any sleep over this one. This is a man who murdered people in cold blood and made jokes about their deaths. He was sentenced to be executed by a jury of his peers with overwhelming evidence. He continued to be violent in prison and had planned to escape by killing many innocent more people.

I hope that Tookie did find your faith in god and that you are fully prepared to account for your life, but the he commited horrible crimes and will be punished for them.
There's a face only a mother could love.

Madonna won't let her children watch TV because it is a bad influence, but she puts out her videos for our children to watch, thanks. Enough said on that topic.

Possible future works for Tookie:

  • See Dick Pop a Cap in Yo Ass.
  • One Bitch Two Bitch Red Bitch Blue Bitch
  • There's a Rocket in My pocket ( A Prison love Story )
  • Green Eggs and Ham for My Last Meal

Possible future works for Madonna:

  • Kabala for Dummies
  • Humping strangers for Dummies
  • Why Mommy Kisses Other Girls

With people like these I feel confident that this next generation will do fine.

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