Guilt is a bipartisan attribute

I see this on both sides of the coin. When charges are brought against a republican or a democrat partisans try to justify those actions. I crime is a crime no matter what political party you belong to.

Case in point: Tom Delay was indicted on 3 charges

  • conspiracy to violate the Texas election code
  • conspiracy to commit money laundering
  • money laundering

The first charge was thrown out due to the fact that at the time the law didn't exist. The other two charges will go to trial. Now I don't claim to be an expert on this subject but a lot of what Tom Delay did doesn't pass the smell test.

The reasons stated for dropping the charges put forth by the defense is that the money laundering laws only apply to cash and coin, this was a check. Also, money laundering can only be done with illegally gained money.

I think that his first point is absurd, but the second may have some merit.

My second point is Scooter v Slick Willie. Both have the same charges brought against them, but now the republicans are saying he merely misspoke to reporters and the democrats want him hung. Actually the democrats think that his indictment is actual proof that Dick Chenney should be hung, but anyhow. When Clinton had the same charges brought against him they seemed to think that having sex with a subordinate in his place of work was simply his private business, not to mention lying under oath and witness tampering. Funny story, the other day my boss walked in on me and my secretary having sex and I got fired. I immediately called the local ACLU and demanded that my civil right to fornicate with a subordinate in the work place was violated. They returned my call and told me that would only work in the Clinton Administration, Damn Republicans!!!! Liberals just don't get, I keep telling them sex won't get you disbarred.

Either way my point is that just because he is a republican doesn't mean that I am on his side because I am a republican. As far as Scooter Libby and Tom Delay are concerned I will wait to see what a jury of their peers decide and not condemn them because I don't like what they think or allow criminal behavior because they think like me. I think our founding Fathers said it best by "Innocent until proven guilty". Sorry all you liberals but Clinton was found Guilty and was Impeached, his punishment wasn't censure or removal from office, but he was impeached.


Scooter Libby will be aquitted of all charges.

Tom Delay will be guilty on the Conspiracy charge but not the money laundering change.

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