John Roberts Test Drive

Well, here we go this is a really important case to determine the future character of John Roberts service on the bench. The New Hampshire case that would allow a minor to receive an abortion without parental permission. This to me is a common sense no brainer, you can't have an ingrown toe nail removed without the permission of your parents why would you have a supposed constitution right to an abortion. It is ridiculus issues like this that if they were put to a vote be defeated in a landslide.

In other news President Bush came out with a Iraq war strategy. I didn't see any of this as a new strategy, it was more of a status report. Who would've figured that we would eventually give them their country back. One thing that I do like is that the Bush Administration is actually defending their positions and calling democrat loud mouths to the carpet on the rediculus claims. I will admit that we can't find the WMD's but we all know that they were there because Clinton bombed those facilities. Kofi Annan said they were there, George Tenet (Clinton's Boy) in Richard Clarks (Bush Critic) book told the president the case for WMD's is a "slam dunk". When Scott Ritter was removed from Iraq he said they that they were there. Then he was given half a million dollars from a Person with close contacts to the Bathes Party to make a film. The film has yet to be created and Scott Ritter all of the sudden says no WMD's are there. HMMMMMMMM!!

I have some questions that I would like some liberals to answer and maybe by giving these answers America can grow to know you better. Certainly you don't know what the Average American is like as wittnessed by the fact that Republicans have the House, Senate, Presidency and after January we will have the Supreme Court.

1. If it is George Bushes fault that the world hates American why was 9/11 concieved and planned during the Clinton Administration. Also why were there so many terrorist attacks against us during the Clinton Administration. ie World Trade Center, Kobar Towers, U.S.S Cole.

2. Why is it that you said Clinton's Military Service didn't matter but then whined and complained about Bushs'.

3. If you truely think that Trent Lott is a racist and insisted that he resign and apologize for his comments why don't you do the same to Paul Byrd, he used to be in the KKK.

4. Why does it bug you the way Bush pronounces nuclear but when Kerry pronounces Ghengis as Jingus you don't mind or when Ted Kennedy pronounce Bar as Baw.


The Liberals will use this case as an example of how President Bush is trying to overturn Roe v Wade. This is the is simply not true this case was Selected by Rehnquist. In case you didn't know, the only power that the Chief Justice has is that he selects the cases to be heard by the Supreme Court but he is still just one vote.

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