Where I Stand

I am a software engineer that lives in a fly over red state. I am a Christian and a self proclaimed Independant with conservation leanings. To some I am a religious zealot to others I am a liberal ( I must admit that this later crowd is a small group) but few knowing my stances on most the positions would have a hard time labeling me as a conservative.
I am against in most cases against abortion and the death penalty.

I am for some types of stem cell research.

I am for closing our borders.

I am for the legalization of marijuana.
I am for making companies pay their taxes and closing some of the
loop holes that they use to get out of paying taxes.

I am against the entitlement state that we seem to be heading to.

I believe that Micheal Moore is a liar who benefits off of a group of weak minded
zealots and Rush Limbaugh does tow the Republican Party line.

There are many more issues that I could list but I believe the ones listed above
illustrate my point.In this blog I will just talk about the issue of the day.

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