Kicking a Gift horse in the rear

If you have your hat out don't complain that I don't put enough in it. We owe you nothing. The liberals on queue have started bad mouthing the country. Why didn't they take some of the millions that used to defame the Bush Administration to help some of those poor people. Why didn't Nancy Pelosi criticize France, Germany, Sweden, or any of the oil rich Muslim Countries? It takes a special kind of person to be a liberal now-a-days, It only takes two or three questions to debunk anything they say.

George Bush lied about WMD's; Did Clinton and the U.N. also lie : checkmate

George Bush was a deserter; Wasn't Clinton a draft dodger, Kerry said when Clinton was running that service in the Military shouldn't matter and then he ran on his military record for the presidency, John Kerry reporting for duty.

The Inspection Process will work; Hello, 17 resolutions, none of which were ever followed. Although to Saddam's credit Sean Penn did check everything out and said it was all Okay.

I voted for it before I voted against it. I can't go on!!!!

Just from my observation there are four kinds of liberals:

  • People with their hands out
  • Secularist ( They are willing to deal with the democrats as long as they get rid of God)
  • Elitists (Normally one in the same with the Secularists who believe that most people are to stupid to vote, if they don't choose the right person.)
  • People that are plain stupid, a good example is the draft scare, Initiated by a Democrat who would later vote against his own bill and the only two senators to vote for it were Democrats but most liberals believed this to be a republican conspiracy.

It is truly no wonder that the Liberals don't control anything in our government. Oh well they still have the press, OOPS Fox took that away also. Liberals better shape up or we will be left with a one party system.

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