Same Shit Different Day

Here we go, I am going to officially support Obama. Here's my reasoning. McCain is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Anyone with ideas like his could not possibly be called a conservative. The only thing he has going for him is the (R) after his name.

All forecasts predict that we will not take the congress or the senate. If we have a Republican President he will take all the blame for everything a liberal congress does and then Hillary will beat in the next election. Vote for Obama and let the Dem's fall flat on their face. They'll have no excuses with dem's in charge of every aspect of the government. Sure it will be hard, high taxes, no moral compass, and the biggest government in the history of the U.S. but I feel that it is what we need to get our heads straight.

Those of you with children will understand this. You can only tell a child not to do something so many times before you just have to let him see the consequences of his actions.

So let's let them have it for four years, that should be ample time to see the err of their ways and then we can get back to good conservative principals.

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