Shot across the bow

Well here you have, if there was any doubt in your mind about the war on Christianity this should clear it up. Its a classical American Bible belt tale. Dad gets hooked on Jesus and painkillers and marries an alcoholic and they have three lovely children. A gay son, a son that sleeps with everything that moves, and a drug dealer for a sister. Ahhh family programming at it's best.

A black, hispanic, muslim, or jewish family would never be allowed to be portrayed like this. Screams of racism, anti-semitism, or any other "ism" would fill the airways and the head of NBC would be asked to step down and be required by law to take sensitivity training with Trent Lott. These rules don't apply when you are defaming white Christians though, what the hell they have had it pretty good for the last 1000 years.

I grew up in a screwed up family but damn. Normally there are one or two family members that have it together enough to bail out/lend money/pay for rehab for the others. This must be a typical family in Los Angeles.

What's scary is that the portrail of the family isn't the worst part of the show. At one point the father is physically having a discussion with Jesus about his son's Promiscuity and Jesus says "A kid has to be a kid" . That is stepping over the line, this is offensive to anyone who is a Christian. They wouldn't dare portray Muhammad as a child molester even though he did have a wife that was nine years old. I can imagine the scene, a troubled Muslim Cleric confiding in Muhammad his concerns that his nine year old daugther is sexually active and Muhammad responds with "If there is grass on the field play ball!!".

Or maybe a quaint little story about a black family in Harlem. The father is out of work and between prison sentences and the Mother has 5 children from 3 different Dads. The three boys are in a gang and one daughter is a whore and the other a drug dealer and all of them are drug addicts.

You won't see any of this from hollywood, you get shows like the Cosby's. A person who goes to a funeral and blows himself up and kills 36 innocent people is considered a freedom fighter but when one crazy self proclaim Christian kills an Abortian Doctor, all Christians are Wackos.

We Christians have to stand up and not take this lying down. Call your NBC affiliate and tell them that you won't watch this show and you'll boycott any product that sponsers it. I as an American think that they have every right to produce this garbage and we equally have a right to spend our money on products and services that don't offend our religious beliefs.

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