Random thoughts II

Looks like Al Franken spent some time in Iraq to show how much "He Supports" the troops. I think that this photo says it all, he couldn't even get the dog to stay and listen to his bullshit. Here's a tip Al you can't say that anyone who supports this war is stupid and in the same sentence say you support the people who are fighting and dying in the war. I was in the Army for 7 years and the soldiers today take their job seriously and are professionals. They knew what they were signing up for and most polls support that. Any soldier that enlisted or has reenlisted after Sep 11 2001 has been insulted by your comments. Most enlistments only last three years Al, that means anyone in the Army now has either enlisted or reenlisted because they are stupid according to you. Just because you are a coward Al doesn't mean that they are too.

I like to be fair and objective and I have listened to his show on many occasions and it just isn't funny. During his hurricane Katrina coverage he keep doing a skit about an elementary school teacher that was just brutal. The next day his sidekick was gone, probably going to a job interview for a job that has regular paychecks, and he did all the voices himself and it was awfull. He sounded liked an insane person having an emotional breakdown. If he were a horse I would have shot him.

The worst of the story is that I have a TIVO and I started recording the shows on the Sundance network. The only thing worse that listening to his show is having to watch it.

Another really odd thing about the television portion of the show is that there were no sponsers except the Sundance channel. Over and over they would play the same commerial about a documentary of a group of high schools students who have decided to come out of the closet. That's quality programming!!

Speaking of homosexuals. Gay cowboys, what the ..... !!! There is only one gay cowboy and he tours with the Village People. Just as an aside, The Village People are single handedly responsible for ruining a cool childhood game "Cowboys and Indians" . That group give " Playing Cowboys and Indians" a whole new meaning. They released this movie only in large Metropolitan areas at first to see how it will do. An article I read said that it did so well that they will speed up the delivery date and get it out to the rest to the country. Here's a little tip, don't bother, this garbage won't play in middle American. I have seen a lot of Chic flicks with my wife to include "Sense and Sensibilities" but there isn't any way in hell I would go see this movie. I would rather hold my wifes' purse while bra shopping for three hours straight than go see this movie.

Al Franken will leave Air America to run for Office. At least then I can laugh at his ridiculus politics and points of view. I damn sure don't find anything funny about his jokes. Broke Back Mountain ( The Queer Cowboy Chronicles - You had me at Howdy) will do horrible in the rest of the country. It will also win many awards which further Illustrates how out of touch Hollywood is with America.